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Hello and welcome to the Rokiczanka Folk Group's website!


Rokiczanka is made up of twenty members (vocalists and musicians). We've been playing and singing together since 2001.

Each one of us loves folk music. During our concerts we are always trying to take our listeners into the magic world of Polish which is, spontaneous, full of joy but also thoughtful and nostalgic. Through our music, we try to connect all generations in an appreciation for the importance of passing along the priceless value of Polish folk. Our goal is to promote great and beautiful Polish folk music and to reach listeners who are interested in innovations in the Polish folk music scene.











On our 10th unniversary we came out with our promo album "W moim ogrodecku" (In my garden) that contains “bouquet” of folk songs from various areas of Poland. Songs that we have chosen are a gesture of concern of keeping and saving music plenitude of our ancestry and also attemp to see our folk music from new, music point of view.